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With an impeccable reputation for integrity and client satisfaction, Cantley Dietrich is a national firm that has retained the values and relationship-oriented approach of a boutique firm. We assist high-net-worth clients with asset protection, tax planning, tax compliance, wills, trusts and complex estate planning. We are also among the nation’s leading experts in captive insurance tax law and compliance. If you are in need of a compliance-oriented tax attorney to advise you on legally safeguarding your wealth by limiting your tax liabilities and legal risk, we are uniquely qualified to assist you. Contact us today and speak to a Cantley Dietrich tax advisor.

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Should You Be Worried About IRS Criminal Penalties?

Most people are aware that cheating on your taxes is against the law, but when it comes to tax compliance, not everyone is on the same wavelength about what constitutes “cheating” or the potential risks it poses. There is a difference between civil penalties and criminal penalties when it comes to IRS enforcement actions.  Criminal …

The IRS uses fines and prosecution to punish people who don’t comply with tax laws.

The Risks of DIY Wealth Management

We live in a DIY culture, but there are still some things that you should not try to do on your own. For someone with high net worth, wealth management is one of those things. Rather than trying to figure out investments, tax minimization strategies and estate planning on your own, work with a knowledgeable …

DIY wealth management isn’t the best approach for a high-net-worth individual or business.