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With an impeccable reputation for integrity and client satisfaction, Cantley Dietrich is a national firm that has retained the values and relationship-oriented approach of a boutique firm. We assist high-net-worth clients with asset protection, tax planning, tax compliance, wills, trusts and complex estate planning. We are also among the nation’s leading experts in captive insurance tax law and compliance. If you are in need of a compliance-oriented tax attorney to advise you on legally safeguarding your wealth by limiting your tax liabilities and legal risk, we are uniquely qualified to assist you. Contact us today and speak to a Cantley Dietrich tax advisor.

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Beckett G. Cantley Geoffrey C. Dietrich Cantley Dietrich, PC This article is another in our ongoing series on Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) treatment of rogue Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 831(b) captive insurance promoters and schemes. In this article, we discuss the IRS settlement initiative released on September 16, 2019.  The IRS decid ...

Understanding the IRS’s settlement to IRC 831(b) Captive Insurance Companies

Overwhelmed with Small Business Tax Compliance? A Tax Specialist Can Help

Any small-business owner knows that tax time can be stressful. Further, you may not fully understand the tax laws. This can leave you worrying about the legal implications if you aren’t in compliance, and make it difficult to focus on running your business. The good news is, for most small businesses, a tax attorney can …

Tax advisers can help you minimize your tax liability as a small-business owner.

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House of Cards-Implosion of the Bleeding Edge 831b Captive Industry (Feb.2019)

This article is discussing the same lawsuit discussed elsewhere in this issue, Shivkov v. Artex Risk Solutions, Inc., Case No. 2:18-cv- 04514-GMS (D. Ariz. Dec. 6, 2018), but references a different plaintiff. It should be noted that Mr. Cantley has a cocounsel arrangement with the tax shelter practice of Loewinsohn Flegle Deary Simon LLP, counsel & ...

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Aftermath: IRS & Private Litigation In Captive Insurance Companies

Beckett G. Cantley teaches international taxation at Northeastern University and is a shareholder in Cantley Dietrich PC. Geoffrey C. Dietrich is a shareholder in Cantley Dietrich PC. In this article, Cantley and Dietrich discuss two recent Tax Court opinions and their implications for section 831(b) captive insurance companies.

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